About Ryan

Ryan specializes in helping attorneys in the debt settlement practice area increase the amount of quality leads they’re getting. He helps his clients decrease the amount of time spent with non-qualified prospects too.

He’s spent over 10 years mastering the art of persuasion, sales, and marketing. He’s also spent the last 4 years immersing himself in the skill of direct response copywriting, which is using the written word to increase sales through ads, website copy, and any other part of a marketing funnel.

Copywriting is the secret weapon many companies use to scale their business well into 7 and 8 figures annually. Just to be clear: It has nothing to do with article writing or search engine optimization. It has more to do with targeted marketing which quickly identifies the right prospects for your firm and helps you convert them into clients.

For the past 4 years he has also been committed to helping seasoned entrepreneurs implement predictable systems to grow their business into one that has greater control of their results. Along with increasing automation within a business, saving time, maintaining quality and increasing profits.

He’s seen what works in highly successful debt settlement firms. He’s seen why struggling firms have little or no quality leads every month.

And he’s also seen what exactly makes debt settlement firms thrive.

And now he’s committed himself to helping debt settlement firms who are committed to having a predictable stream of highly qualified prospects every month. And gain a choke hold in their market, along with the lions-share of profit in their region.

After enough time working in the legal niche, dealing with root issues, and being able to see what works in this niche, and what doesn’t. I decided to dedicate myself to specifically helping debt settlement attorneys to give them an edge in their market.

About Sam Ovens
Sam Ovens is an entrepreneur from Auckland, New Zealand who dropped out of university and started two successful companies by the age of 24 working out of his parents garage.

Sam is a digital marketing consultant who helps companies profit wildly through digital marketing. He has personally managed a large digital ad spend on behalf of clients and been able to consistently prove ROI. 

Sam's clients are some of the fastest growing companies in New Zealand and Australia and he has helped them gain choke holds in their respective markets online.

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